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How to anticorrosion of fire pipe?

3 steps of the anticorrosion process of fire pipe

First. Surface treatment

1. clear oil pollution and dirty pollution on the pipeline.

2. sandblasting and derusting, the rust removal level reaches the level St3 or Sa2.5 specified in GB/T 8932, and the surface anchor depth is 40-70um.

3. after removing rust, the defects on the surface of the steel pipe should be treated. The dust and abrasives attached to the surface should be clear and clean, and the surface of the steel pipes should be kept dry. When rust or surface contamination occurs, surface pretreatment is necessary.

Two. Brush primer - Bitumen lacquer

It is better to use polyethylene anticorrosive adhesive tape manufacturer's primer, so that the primer and adhesive tape can be better bonded.

Three. Winding tape - glass cloth

The thickness of anticorrosion should reach 1.0mm. According to the latest standard SY/T 0414-2007, the structure of anticorrosion layer is as follows:

1. winding two layers of anticorrosive adhesive tape, single layer thickness is 0.5mm, tape thickness is 0.5mm, overlap is tape width 50%-55%.

2. winding inside and outside belt, one layer with a layer of outer belt, with inner thickness of 0.5mm, with a thickness of 0.5mm.