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Huaian Construction New Material CO.,LTD is a supplier of structural reinforcement, leakage repair and Anticorrosion for industrial and industrial pipelines, and provides waterproof materials for swimming pools, floors and other buildings.

Water-proof leading products are polyvinyl chloride (PVC) waterproofing membrane series (root piercing / self adhesive waterproof roll), thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride (TPO) waterproofing membrane series (root piercing / self adhesive waterproof roll) polychlorene acrylic (polyester) polymer waterproof roll, root piercing metal tire polymer waterproof roll, polymer self adhesive waterproof Roll material, water-soluble building powder adhesive, elastomer / plastic modified asphalt waterproof roll, polymer modified bitumen waterproof roll waterproof roll, self adhesive waterproof rolled material, fast reaction adhesive strength cross film self adhesive waterproof roll, three Yuan Yibing rubber waterproof roll, polyvinyl chloride rubber blend waterproof roll, short. Brazed geotextile, HDPE geomembrane, HDPE protective drainage board, EVA/ECB waterproof board, non curing rubber bitumen waterproof material, polyurethane waterproof coating, polymer cement (JS) waterproof coating, cement based osmotic crystalline waterproof material, waterborne 951 polyurethane waterproof coating, high acrylic acid ester waterproof material, colorful waterproof material, colorful and colourful Machine silicon waterproof coating, plugging spirit and so on more than ten varieties. The products are widely used in various residential buildings, subway, tunnel, water conservancy, landfill site, chemical, gold control, roofing, pavement, wall, toilet bath, underground pipes, pools, gutters, airports, highways and other fields of waterproof, anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion engineering. The products are non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free. There is no clear water for construction. The surface of the waterproof layer can be directly decorated, especially polyester polymer material. It is very hydrophilic and easy to combine with cement. It is convenient for low temperature construction. It is very popular for users, and the service life is more than 30 years.

Anticorrosive leading products include polyethylene pipe anticorrosive adhesive tape, polyethylene 660 adhesive tape, polypropylene antiseptic adhesive tape, aluminum, anticorrosive adhesive tape, butyl type electronic appliance line protection belt, radiation crosslinked polyethylene anticorrosive shrinkable sleeve, heat shrinkable belt, pipeline anticorrosive waterproof maturing cap and so on.

Super protective tape products include industrial duct protective tape, super repair tape, solar duct protective tape, tool repair tape.

Insulation blanket products: heat insulation waterproof blanket, aluminum insulation blanket.

Medical bandages:Orthopedic cast tape, colored crutches.

Artificial Grass: Hybrid Soccer Artificial Grass,Soccer Artificial Grass Professional,Soccer Grass school,Non infill soccer artificial grass,Rugby Artificial Grass,Golf Artificial Grass,Basketball grass and runway grass,Colorful Landscaping grass,Landscaping Grass.

Safety protective articles: Safety protective shoes  Safety protective glasses  Safety protective mask

Galvanized tape: Marine anti-corrosion tape has effective anti-corrosion effect. It can be used on different steel structure surfaces, such as hydraulic pipe, cable pipe, freshwater pipe, CO2 pipe, valve, flange, Corbelin, etc.

Saw blade: stone saw blade, ceramic saw blade, concrete saw blade grinder

MC nylon: MC nylon pulley MC nylon slider MC nylon gear ring MC nylon elevator wheel and other products